Birthday "celebrations" for VIP and Executive Members only?! aka L19-21

Yes, my birthday IS coming up, but that is not why I am bringing this up. I am bringing it up because first off it is not the only extra that those Level members receive, but the that if anyone looks at the members of the community I see 1 maybe 3 people who are even vaguely close to those levels and they are the ones who have been in the community for a long time and obviously they contribute a lot. Still, the highest level I saw was 15…
I’m just saying why offer those extras for levels that are nearly unreachable unless you take on posting on the forum as a part-time job? Opinions Welcome and Wanted.


Search can be your best friend in times of looking for answers, not trying to be a dick or anything. Just saying that it has been discussed and brought up…


ahahaha na man I know you always mean well, sometimes I see things and just go off on tangents. Annnnnd I may have forgotten about the search thing, Thanks tho, I’ll check out that post soon, just know that I never mind you or anyone correcting me or pointing me in the right direction. That’s why we are all here right? To discuss and help each other?