Birthday Celebration

Has anyone received a birthday surprise from Anker. I see that it is listed under rules in your profile… My birthday is coming up next month. It will be my first birthday being an Anker member. I think I subscribed a few days after my birthday after receiving my first ever Anker item for my birthday.

Not personally and mine was in December…although the Christmas competitions they ran made up for it :grin:

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You should never put your real actual birthday nor age anywhere online, it becomes merged with other data about you and can used for identity theft. For example some banks use your DoB as proof of who you are, if you happened to also know say the last 4 digits of your SSN then they pretty much can do what they like.

I have a typical joke birthday in my profile.

And everyone I touch digitally I tell them the same.

To your question, when the date I put in the profile came up, no gifts.



My birthday was in January. Didn’t hear anything from Anker. I guess with the new changes to their site and whatnot, it’s on the back burner or forgotten.@nigelhealy… good point, never thought of that.

I always put the day after my birthday in case I didn’t get anything ill still get a present from someone I don’t know

My birthday was a month ago, and I didn’t receive anything. That would have been a FANTASTIC surprise, though!

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This is very good advice. Date of birth was likely one of the elements that led to Sarah Palin’s emails being hacked.

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