Bike handlebar phone holder + charger + speaker

I’m doing the most amount of outdoors I can. Not in lockdown, it’s summer, being indoors is for winter!

I’d like a product which is:

  • bike handlebar mount.
  • including a battery so it’s charging the phone. To keep it light, say 5Ah
  • (optional) Bluetooth speaker so you can hear better when with a bad phone speaker, say a stereo left/right small speaker.

Not sure if the speaker is a good idea, but keeping the phone charged, with battery draining navigation is a help.

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Something like this for the handlebars with a secure phone holder built in?

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Wireless is less efficient, but open to test it.

If you make it heavier it vibrates more. So minimalist in design.

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You know, as Anker does the wireless car charger windscreen mount i don’t see why something specific to cycling would be out of the way.
The handlebar mount could be universal to account for different sized tubes so it would be one model covers all!

The car wireless charger is wired to the 12V DC car, so the efficiency is irrelevant.

On bike you’re using the stored energy, so wired, to, say, 5Ah.

Wireless would need evidence it keeps a busy navigating phone going for hours. Open to it but need evidence. Wired is my preferred interim.

Advantage of wireless is waterproofing. Plonk a waterproof phone on a waterproof wireless Powercore phone holder.

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Thats fair, a limited amount of power needs to be used sensibly.
So we are getting close to taking this to proof of concept.
A waterproof PowerBank, with wireless - but having the ability to turn the wireless off! A universal handlebar mount and some sort of secure phone mount.

Or maybe keep it simple and go with peddle power!

Can’t drop off tonight so trawling through Amazon until i fall asleep face first on the iPad.
Anyway, came across this and remembered this thread.

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Thanks for letting me know!!!