Biggest Problem with Anker and Eufy vacuums - replacement parts

My biggest complaint with all the Anker and Eufy vacuums is the lack of replacement parts such as filters and brushes.
Without these parts the Vacuums become disposable vacuums. The filters can be cleaned for awhile but they are paper so… the brushes are gone once they’re gone making the vacuums worthless. Also what about replacement batteries.

Does Anker have any plans to provide this?

Has anyone found any 3rd party vendors which service our vacuums.


This vacuum uses the same parts as the Anker Robovac 10 and the Eufy version. I have both and have tried these brushes and filters out and they work perfectly.

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well i ordered these and they did not fit.
The filters are bigger, the brushes have a different mounting method and the brush has different type ends.

But I have the Eufy Robovac 20

Then I am stumped. I have the Eufy 11 and they fit perfectly.

You can purchase the parts from us. Please write to and let us know which parts you need and your latest shipping address.

By the way, we include spare parts in the packaging.
For example:
What You Get: Eufy RoboVac 11, remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, HEPA-style filter, 4 side brushes, welcome guide and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

There is 1 spara filter and 2 spare side brushes (the other 2 need to be assembled).



good to know, thanks

Do you sell additional virtual walls for robovac 20?

We do but its stock is limited and our stock is constantly changing. Would you write to so we can check it for you?


So this thread pops up at the top of any Google search about replacement parts for the Eufy Robovac 11, which does not bode well for Anker/Eufy. I went ahead and purchased a Robovac anyway, and Anker said they would have replacement filters on Amazon around the end of April. May I suggest the moderator update this thread with a link to the parts? It’s time for me to replace the filter now, so any help would be most welcome.

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You can find the replacement parts here.

Has anyone been able to find a replacement circuit board for sale?

@martin_wolfe1 Contact to inquire about purchasing a new circuit board

Wow! 2000 clicks on the link I posted above.

Here is a link that will deliver much better results.

Click Here for RoboVac Accessories

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How has the RoboVac 20 been working for you?

works pretty good, no real issues.

Hi Everyone,

has anyone battery went dead , mine does, I used it for 15 months the battery died on me.

Does anyone know how to get a replacement battery, the battery compartment opened easily and the battery is removable with a click connector. But I search the internet and couldn’t find anyone selling a replacement battery officially for this vacuum Eufy RoboVac 11

Your helps is greatly appreciated.
Your best bet is to reach out to support

Update: It’s becoming increasingly difficult to correctly link to accessories for all the different versions separately. Simply search RoboVac x Accessory, and you’re likely to find what you’re looking for!

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Unfortunately once your vacuum is out of warranty they say it is at end of life and they don’t make the parts for it anymore. I have the replacement brushes and filters, but I am guessing the battery is dead. My Robovac 10 is just over 2 years old and we have loved it up until it just stopped working. I think I have found a replacement battery that I am going to try before I decide to buy another one. I won’t be purchasing another Anker/Eufy vacuum.

@danigrady, sorry for the inconvenience the Robovac 10 caused. Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are happy to assist you with an exchange if the problem turns out to be with it. Also, we provide 18 months warranty for our Robovac 10.

Would you let us know the error code (flashing/steady red indicator and how many beeps) when it stops? Different error codes indicate different causes. If you don’t mind sending us a video showing the issue, it will be much appreciated and can help us locate the cause instantly.

And please contact us via our "" so we can identify the issue at first, and our Robovac 10 is discontinued due to our marketing strategy, so we don’t have the battery for our Robovac 10, but we will help you fix your Robovac issue in another way.

We appreciate your time and looking forward to your reply!