Big Valentine Sale @Anker


Nice deal :clap:

Ooh. Some good deals there! :smile:

The PowerPort cube looks tempting


You might want to screenshot and paste that and not share the personal email you got with your personal email the next time.

We all made that error once. Just once mind you.

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Good catch I’m always worried about that not that you guys would do anything bad but still

I want the nebula capsule its soo good…

I too have been eye ballin’ the Nebula Capsule. It is a tad bit expensive at the moment but the discounted price does catch my interest just a little bit more.

Just for clarity the Nebula Capsule II release slated May is a lot bigger than the Capsule so don’t look at the Capsule small size and think same size for the upcoming Capsule II.

Personally, given I get a decent 8" or 10" tablet or a Chromebook for price of the price of a Capsule, that’s good enough for me, more pixels, runs more things, portable. So I’d not get in the way going for a Capsule and prevent someone else with better matching needs from getting it.