Big startup delay after installing a new USB 3.0 PCI-e card

I bought a HP Z400 workstation in 2010. It supports a two-port USB 3.0 card which I had installed until recently. It was the one that HP recommended. However, it stopped working and I removed it and replaced it with an Anker 2-port card.

However, the PC is now very slow when booting. The power button lights up, but the screen remains black for up to 1 minute and only then does the normal boot process begin by showing the option to enter setup or choose a different boot source. Logging on to Windows is also rather slow and the same applies when shutting down or restarting.

Are there any suggestions as to how to cut down these delays?

Have you looked or checked to see if there are any available drivers for the card?

What promoted you to change from the stock card to the Anker branded one?

Try removing the card and starting up your PC without it and see if the boot issue remains

Thanks for the suggestions.

I installed the latest drivers found on Anker’s website regarding this card (v. 4.90).
I changed the card because the old one stopped working.
When I remove the Anker card the boot process starts quite fast. My guess is that it’s not a Windows problem because the delay begins even before POST starts, let alone Windows starting.