Big Sale on Eufy Genie!

Eufy’s smart speaker with Alexa is down to $25 on Amazon!

I own a Eufy Genie and I must say one of my biggest complaints with it is in the process of being fixed! (not sure if I’m supposed to disclose).

Not only that but they seem to have reworked the microphone system since my initial impressions. I do not find myself yelling at it as often.

All this being said, the price is going DOWN! Just $25! Not sure how this will long, so if you’re interested, I’d recommend jumping on this now!

Please share your experiences with Eufy Genie below, and which ecosystem are you invested in? Alexa or Google Assistant?


I’ve been happy with the Eufy Genie so far, especially now that Pandora Radio is working! $25 is a great price if you need to pick up an extra Alexa for another room.

Yet another product that’s missed the shipping containers so the UK :hushed:

+1, same for France :wink:

I just purchased a home that won’t be done til March and it is amazon enabled. Amazon will come in after it is built and set up my home with the amazon show, dot and Sonos 1 play. So technically I’m married to Alexa. My ring door bell, door locks and lighting will be integrated. I will most likely add more Alexa enabled products once it’s finished (was eyeing the eufy robovac 11c). I’ll probably end up getting a eufie genie in the near feature,but I wanna see what my options are when my home is

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Sounds amazing. :ok_hand:

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I told my wife were gonna have a connected home and she laughed at me. She likes simplicity and doesn’t want technology running our house. My son thought it was cool but he also said no. I’m out numbered so I gotta find more ways to convince them

:joy: Happy wife, happy life! My wife is the one who wanted a smaller house, I said ok, start looking. The house we live in now is too big for my wife and 2 kids. Too much to clean. I’m just happy i don’t have to clean the pool no more​:joy:. Luckily the layout of my new home we both agree on and the upgrades are included so I was ok with it.

“If the land is happy, I’m happy! If the queen is happy, I’m happy!” Happy wife, happy life! (Football sundays, I’m checked out and she knows that :joy:)

How was the microphones improved? Was it just a firmware fix? I got a different ISP and my Genie works so much better now. Much less latency now.

Yep, just a firmware fix. Must have increased the sensitivity!

LOL! Wow, sounds like your new place will be decked out with tech. I’m jelly. :slight_smile:

I hope you won’t get them “convicted.” :stuck_out_tongue: Although, that would be a way for you to get the whole house to yourself to do whatever you want with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna tell my husband that? LOL :wink:


D’oh I meant convince…fixed :wink:

Tell them that they wouldn’t have to wipe themselves any more. lol jk
You need pie charts and graphs to show them the benefits of being able to do things without flinching.

this device looks very good !