Big Sale: Anker PowerHouse

The Anker PowerHouse is currently on sale for $325, which is $175 off the normal price of $500! In other words, it’s 35% off, which is pretty huge. I believe this is the biggest sale Anker has put on the PowerHouse to date. Have a great day! Who’s jumping in?

Definitely caught my eye. I saw it on Kinja Deals listed as the Top Tech deal and Mother’s day deal :joy:

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That’s how I saw it, too!

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I saw it and will pass.

For something as expensive as $330 it’s still technically weak product for me as no serviceable parts so easily becomes a $330 paperweight.

Needs better design.

Perhaps this is a signal that a new version is coming soon?

Yep I think so too.

So the NEXT powerhouse3 when it’s discounted then maybe but to be honest I’d rather shrink my needs for power to then match a $20 powerbank. Portable!!!

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I wonder if this price is permanent?.. @AnkerOfficial?

From my own calculations the new price is still substantially above manufacturing cost so to use this price to shift all stock prior to a newer better Powerhouse is one possibility.

I guess this price will be available until May 21st. :blush:

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Seems so

But of course its not available.


The price ends tomorrow. You guessed it, though… Here comes PowerHouse3.

…followed by someone saying “but I just bought the Powerhouse2”

What I’d make:

  • self-service swappable cells with a commitment to sell for 3 years.
  • DC output diallable upto say 30V with a set of tips of common items
  • DC input from any voltage so any solar cell would work
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It says silver is out of stock… Was there ever any other color…