Big, Bigger, Biggest 💥 The Infini Pro by Soundcore

Dear fellow Anker/Soundcore fans, :wave:

Today I would like to post the review of Anker/Soundcore’s top of the line speaker Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 channel Soundbar . I have been using it for last 3 months so the review is based on my experience so far.


I have a Vizio TV in my family room which lacks a decent sound output and it’s making any movie or show I watch less enjoyable. I have been looking around for a nice but not so expensive Soundbar that can improve my movie watching experience. And as a member of Anker and Soundcore Collective forums, I had my eyes on this Soundcore Infini Pro integrated 2.1 channel Soundbar for long time. I was just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and I did that one fine day in November of last year. Since then, I had it connected to my TV and now I cannot imagine watching my TV without a Soundbar.

I know, that’s quite a long and boring story, so let’s get into the review.


Yes, not much to say about it. Just the usual stuff, but it’s good to know what comes with it.

The Soundbar nicely packaged and protected to avoid any shipping damage. Along with it below items are included:

  • Soundcore Infini Pro Soundbar
  • Power Cable
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • 1 x HDMI cable
  • 2 x Wall mount brackets
  • 4 x Screws
  • Wall Mount Template
  • User Manual
  • Happy Card
  • Worry free 18 month warranty

Setting up

It was easy to set this Soundbar up and running quickly as it has several ways to connect to your TV or Bluetooth audio source. You can pick any of the available options below:

  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • HDMI Arc
  • HDMI In
  • Digital Optical input
  • AUX in (3.5 mm)
  • USB A (Service only)

I have not tried but the manual says USB is For service only. So, that is a missing feature in this Soundbar as many of us have music on USB sticks and it’s much easier to just plug it in and play rather than look for a Phone to connect to it via Bluetooth.

Personally, I used the included HDMI cable to connect to my TV and the ARC port. I do often play music from my phone via Bluetooth.

I haven’t tried to mount it on a wall as I have a provision above my fireplace to accommodate the Soundbar and it’s right beneath the TV, I can tuck in the HDMI and Power cables so they are not so obvious. The soundbar has rubber pads on the bottom to avoid accidental slip or fall when it’s not secured with brackets.

I did save the included wall mounting brackets and screws in case I need them in future when I shift the Soundbar to some other location.


To change the EQ settings, volume & input I either use the buttons on the Soundbar if I’m close to TV or the remote control. Both does same job pretty much. There is a third option to do the same, when you log in to the Soundcore app on your phone.
There is no custom EQ option and you need to select one of the 3 (Movie, Music & Voice) available and for what I need they are pretty much sufficient. You do have an option to increase or decrease the bass though. (Bass UP)

As mentioned earlier, I have used HDMI ARC port to connect to my TV and it works seamlessly. I just use the TV remote most of the time unless I need to adjust the EQ settings or select a different input source (usually my phone to play music)

There is a dedicated BT button to quickly toggle between TV and BT source. Also, there is dedicated Surround button if you like to have surround effects.


Built-In Subwoofers: Infini Pro’s integrated 2.1 channel design pairs two front-facing 2.5-inch mid-range drivers and 1-inch tweeters with dual, up-facing 3-inch built-in subwoofers, symmetrical bass reflex ports, and exclusive BassUp technology for intense low frequencies and 105dB of room-filling sound.

The sound quality is amazing, 105dB delivered by 120W speakers distributed along the soundbar deliver perfect combination and quality.

I have tested few videos in Dolby Atmos Quality and the experience was outstanding. My only wish was availability of time and have more movies and videos available in Dolby Atmos Quality. It was almost the feeling of watching a movie in a well equipped Cinema Theatre and truly surprising how can you achieve it by just one soundbar.

There is one, actually two complains about the performance of the soundbar though.

  1. When watching movies or videos on TV, the soundbar intermittently goes mute for couple of seconds and comes back. In the beginning I used search for the remote control thinking somebody pressed the mute button. This doesn’t happen when streaming music from a phone using BT.
  2. The lag is sometimes frustrating when you start any video or pause then start or forward then start…. Everytime it takes few seconds to activate the speaker.

I do use the HDMI ARC port and think that should give the best results but no luck. Will try using coax digital cable some time later to see if that will resolve the issue.


For the price, this soundbar does the job very well except couple of issues which are not a big deal when compared to the pricing of other top brands with the same features. I am really happy with my purchase and will recommend this soundbar to anybody who are not willing to spend a ton on those industry leading top branded products but love to have excellent sound quality.


Such a detailed review. Great job!
If money wasn’t the issue, I’d get me one


Great pictures and good review :clap: what size TV will you recommend this sound bar for?



What a superb review and read that was! The photos was fantastic as well. Great job. :clap:t2:

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Great well written review @Ice1 :+1:t2:

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Nice review :+1:
The mute problem you have, I have the same on my Samsung soundbar connected to my Samsung tv via an optical cable.
Do you use the auto on/off function on the soundbar?
If you do, try and turn it off and see if the problem persist (didn’t help on mine but others have had luck with that)

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Awesome review and nice pics!! :muscle: great job!

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Thanks @J_Hansen but I don’t have that auto on/off function on my soundbar. May be it’s on the TV you mean?

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Thanks @tugar32 :bowing_man: Mine was 55 inch TV… but if you see it like I do, TV size doesn’t matter as you are aiming to have a decent sound which lacks most TV’s. This soundbar with 120W output and available Dolbt Atmos will give a good movie watching experience even if you have a nice 70 inch TV.

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It’s on my soundbar but I only mentioned it as it had been suggested as a cause to the problem but obviously won’t be in your case if you don’t have that function

I’ve had mine for a year (since launch) and I love it! I use it daily!

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Thanks, I was planing pairing this with my 47 I guess this should work perfectly. :ok_hand:

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Good luck :+1: now you can get it at $129

Good job on the detailed review & pictures @Ice1 :+1:

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I would love to try out one of these

Thank you @ndalby :bowing_man: