Beware Amazon return policy

Just found out today that Amazon has a 50 lifetime A to Z claim policy…Careful with your returns…
It is not hidden but if you have not read the policy and just assume that you can return anything anytime you will one day be shocked. I wasn’t able to find the same info on .com but it may still apply


So does this mean that you are only able to return up to 50 items with no problem? Does this apply to Prime Members too? I recently had to file a claim due to not receiving an item that the seller claimed that they sent out and Amazon did this A-to-Z Guarantee. But I wasn’t aware of the fine print. Interesting.

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It looks like you are only covered for 50 refund claims for marketplace sellers (not amazon direct or amazon fulfilled orders, although excessive returns to Amazon has lead to some peoples accounts being frozen), in the event you do not receive your item and/or have no joy direct with the seller.

As most returns/refunds to marketplace sellers can be handled direct you shouldn’t really hit 50 I would think, unless you are dealing with cut and run sellers in which case Amazon will have to foot your refund bill, up to $2500.

Is how it reads to me.

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

That is interesting, but I can see people unfairly taking advantage of the A-to-Z guarantee. So some type of crowd control is unfortunately necessary.

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I just started a return for two items that are 30 days past shipping estimate and was prompted with a box that said if you receive the items and want to retract the claim it will be taken off your A to Z return total. The seller is gone and the items were under $5 each so knowing what I know now I immediately withdrew the claim. And again I am not sure if this is global but this is the Canada policy.

And here I am trying to return a projector which would have been my 2nd return in the whole 5 years Ive had Amazon and I have my account suspended :angry:

O.O that doesnt sound fun

I agree, there knee jerk reaction is over way the top for a 2nd time only return. If you use Amazon a lot I would go the email route with a complaint to get your account re-opened, the phone route will no doubt go in circles.


Honestly if enough stories like that get publicity, people will start questioning Amazon.


I would call it a major victory to get an email from Amazon that originated from me. I have sent them a few in the past year for various issues and have yet to receive a reply back.



Doubt it take 50 returns to get ban from Amazon heh but who knows they have their own “top secret” policy on that


Either way 50 is excessive to me it seems.

I would normally agree but Amazon has dropped the ball on fraudulent sellers in the past year. Give me 5 minutes and I can locate at least one right now as I now know how to spot them. ( anyone just launched will not get my money) . In my first 5 years with Amazon I never got burned once.

I purchase from 3rd party sellers for the deals or else I would just go to the store and pay list like on Prime.

I made over 300 purchases on Amazon in 2016 and if just 3% of them are bogus I will have used my 50 returns in 5 years!!! I got burned twice on Anker products alone and true I should have known better because the price was stupid cheap but since then I have been burned 3 more times on deals that were under 15% off list price and two more in the past month from sellers that open an account and then take the money and run. I am forced to make a claim and then it goes on my record or I take the loss of $. If I want to get deals without protection I would buy them off of Ebay for less money and wait the painful 2 months for shipping.
Amazon has created a monopoly with the Vine program and now they will force you to buy via Prime and exclude all third party sellers. It’s already happening.

It is only a matter of time before someone steps in to look after the small time sellers and buyers and creates a better buying experience
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I am tired of Amazon not giving explanations for their actions.

How many returns does the average person make? look at the line at costco and wallmart return counter, it is longer than the checkout.
No, If buying for 50 years, I would not think 1 return a year should be considered excessive

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Please, do tell us how you REALLY feel. LOL. On a serious note, I do agree with you. I guess I’m still new with Amazon and haven’t really encountered what you have. But hearing all these stories, got me a bit paranoid about purchasing on Amazon now.

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Haha, Sorry about the rant, It’s Friday and I have a couple wobbly pops in me. Got that off my chest, Now to go back to living life.

Buy less things?


That should be easy, I am on pace for under 50 since they took my reviews away.


Where’s the fun in that? LOL.