Beta Lab Tester in UAE

I’ts me again.

Guys I’ve notice that for beta lab test its only for selected country. how about UAE? most of expat and local here loved your product. so might be you cant give them a chance to have this also. thanks

Almost all of Ankers beta test are now through email only. If chosen and selected they will send you an email that you have to reply to in a timely manner, but it’s not a given that doing so will land you that beta test as you are competing for a limited spot among other testers.


Never got such one, but I dont mind.
Your youngsters might do real better tests, than I am able to. :rofl:

what i mean is better to include also UAE. as far as i can see its for only people who live in the US,CA,DE and JAP etc.

Beta test are from users all around the world and not just specific demographics, it all depends on specific beta test needs

Thank you. now iknow … i thought its only for selected country

Hopefully they will open it up for UAE as well.

I grew up there (in Ras Al Khaimah)… haven’t been back in almost a decade though.