Best wireless charger for the iPhone 8 Plus

What is th best wireless charger for the iPhone 8 Plus

Without a doubt, the PowerWave7.5 wireless chargers will be your best bet. They were design with iPhone in mind and will offer you the best use case no matter if you later move to Android or stay with iPhone.


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What is the fastest power bank charger for the iPhone 8 Plus?

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This for example:


You need a lightning to USB c cable.
And a Power Delivery charger or Powerbank…

Currently the fastest portable power bank for the iPhone 8 made by Anker would be the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD ( It supports Power delivery and so does the iPhone 8. However, you would also need the Apple USB-C to lightning cable ( because it is the only Mfi Certified, PD capable cord for iDevices at the moment. It’s an expensive solution at the moment… but will yield some speedy charges.

Hi, the PowerCore+ 26800 PD Support Up to 30 W

The PowerCore Speed 20000 PD Support “only” 24 W.


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