Best way to discharge an Anker Powercore

I just read that is best to discharge my powercore every three months if I don’t use it regularly.
Is there a good/simple way to do this other than just keep charging my devices with it until it stops?

You’re already doing the best thing.

Lithium ages for 3 main reasons:

  • not using it at all
  • using it a lot
  • heat

So a good way to keep lithium going is actually every few months use a slowly discharging load, so it does not get hot, like use it as it was intended, like recharge a phone a few times so it naturally empties, then recharge.

You’d normally use it and recharge it so it’s always ready, but every few months, use it repeatedly without recharge so it empties.

I’m getting a good 4-5 years out of Anker Powercore with this method.

Yes, if you simply kept it fully charged and left it alone fully charged, the 4-5 years would reduce to nearer to 2-3 years.