Best way to charge an Anker product?

What is the best/fastest way to charge an Anker battery pack? I found it usually takes two days for my PowerCore 20100 mAh to be fully charged.


If it is taking that long to charger your PowerCore 20100 I’d guess that the power adapter you are charging from only supplies 1 amp throughput.

I have a couple of Anker multi-port power adapters (one wall plug, one desktop-style) with the IQ ports that are all capable of 2.4 amp (I think that’s the max) so I can charge an iPad, etc. at full capacity. When I need to charge my PowerCore 26800 I want to say it takes only 8-12 hours…


2 days sounds like you are using a crappy charger. I use an Anker 5 port USB mains charger and can charge my 20100 unit in around 8 hours. Make sure you are using a charger that will deliver 2 amps and a good quality cable. I suspect you are only charging your Anker at around 0.5A.

two days? that´s a crazy! no way!

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I agree that your charger must be very low power as I use the Anker 5 port USB hub and it takes about 8 hours to charge my PowerCore 20100 from absolute zero, there’s a handy little device made by Portapow that you plug one end in to the USB charge port and then the item you are charging in to the other side and it’ll tell you the amperage that your batt pack is drawing the charger.

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Any 2.1-2.4 amp wall adapter.

I use a 2A wall adapter for non Quick Charge batteries, and for my PowerCore+ 10050, I use my Quick Charge 2.0 brick, which charges it in a few hours.

Same here, the support page for my 26800mAh says it should only take about 8 hours to fully charge, I believe. I use the Samsung 2.1 amp charger and get about that time, so there’s no way yours should be taking 2 days.

I got one of those recently. It’s a great piece of kit. I now that most of my cables really are now rubbish.

The lower the amperage the longer it will take.
Nowadays you can have 3.1A output but everything depends on what ampage the device will draw.
You can have a 3.1A charger output but the device only draws 2A each device and chargers are different. Use a genuine Anker charger and Genuine Anker cable to get the best results. Cheap imitations fail, don’t provide the correct and at worst CAUSE FIRE. Regardless, use only genuine chargers and cables

Try to get a higher volt power adapter that is safe. Check to make sure that the quality of all the items that you are using are high to make sure that it is charging to the best it can be.

Seriously, get into knowing Amps.

Energy (what your battery stores) is related to voltage multiplied by Amps. Look at the Amps output of your mains charger.

Does it say 0.3A, 0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 2A, 2.4A…

Your battery will have a maximum input. Go look at it and see. It might 1A input or 1.5A input or 2A input.

You need to make the output of your mains charger match or exceed the input of your battery. e.g. if your battery has a max 2A input you need a max 2A output charge.

These are written in small print on everything.

For example the Powercore+ mini is a 1A input so most mains charges will do that, but say the Powercore 20100 is a 2A input. So allowing for power inefficiencies I’d expect 20100*3/2/2000 = 20100mah *3/2 ineffiiency / 2000ma = 15 hours to recharge.

Then add a little bit for the fact once you get above 85% charge it begins to charge slower.

You say it takes 2 days to recharge? I’d say look at your charger.

Hi, this is AnkerDirect.

The Anker PowerCore External Battery 20100mAh is one of our highest capacity batteries so it needs a pretty powerful wall charger to ensure it’ll charge properly.

When using a 5V/2A adapter, it needs 10-11hour. When using 5V/1A adapter, it needs 20-21 hours. Please ensure that the wall charger you’re using is capable of providing at least 5V/2A.

Hope this helps.


If you have a decent fone (S7/s8/most of Sony’s too phones/top huwie (spelling) ) then they come with fast charge chargers n usb-c leads.

Even if the Powerbank uses a micro-usb, using a charger that came with your phone (on basis it’s a fast charger) would do the charge in the said 8hrs.

Obvs if using an older “spare charger” I’d stop using it.

Sorry @AnkerOfficial but if you go on Amazon, there are plenty of cheap fast charge chargers (make sure they have the safety features) that’ll also do the job.

Also, don’t forget to use a good cable. It might seem wired, but the cable can provide resistance to the electricity, making your device take longer to charge. (The Powerline Micro-USB is amazing for this kind of stuff).

Good luck,


as tu utilisé le bon cable ?

I used a Xperia Z3 charger and it worked just fine. Under 10 hrs to full. Anker 10.000 mA PowerCore. When full the LEDs are off.

Test Tetris is a test comment

Just plug it in is the best way to charge it… Important is always use the recommended anker cables and chargers… Cheap and poor quality accessories would ruin the products you are charging…

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I agree. Way too long.