best video quality 2C Pro or Eufycam E?

Witch camera has the best video quality Eufycam E or 2C Pro? Any how many fps has each camera?

Hi @vodkan, the EufyCam 2C pro has 2K resolution compared to 1080p from the EufyCam E.

Yes I know BUT the E-cameras are more expensive and the 2C are 15fps with rather poor video quality. Not really 1080p high resolution when its so low fps. Wonder how many fps the 2C pro has. Dont think 2K will outbeat 1080p if the fps is low

On amazon 2x 2c pro kit is $320. 2x E kit is $280. E has twice the battery power of 2c pro to last 365 vs 180 for 2c pro, yet the 2c pro is more expensive. That should tell you why. 2K vs 1K. 2C pro is the better camera if you are fine with just 180d battery life. The 2 pro has the same 2K Sony video chip of the 2c pro but with 365d battery. However it does not have the spotlight that the 2c pro has.

Hi! The eufycam 2C Pro has better video quality than eufycam E. The eufycam E is only 1080p whereas the 2C Pro model is 2K. Also, the eufyCam 2C Pro has Improved Sony Sensor and you can set up motion zones whereas the eufycam E only allows to adjust motion sensitivity. The only downfall of the eufycam 2C Pro is comparatively short battery life (180 days vs eufycam E’s 360 days).

I have the eufycam E and it does allow you to set several Activity (motion) Zones.
And my battery in my very busy front door camera lasted for 14 months before I had to recharge it.

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May I ask where you have the cameras (where in the world) ? Because for a battery to last 14 months implies a cool not-cold not-hot climate. If a front door it would be shaded covered to make the temperatures less extreme.

I live in New England, USA. Winters here vary … sometimes it’s cold, the next week it’s not. Summers are not too hot. My camera is shaded for half of the day.
And the camera in front of my garage, which has also gone 14 months, still has two bars (50%) left. Which is amazing, because it actually sees more traffic than my front door camera.