Best usb c to lighting cables

I have been looking all over for one but they all seem cheap or too expensive, liek the one Apple sells. Any recommendations on mid priced good looking usb c to lightning cables?


The only one that is certified and compatible with all your apple devices will be the one that is made by Apple.

Others might or might not work correctly. The apple lightning to USB C cable is the only one I recommend.


Here’s to hoping that Apple will release these cables to be made with their certification.

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I won’t hold my breath

From the looks of it, iPhones will be using USB-C connectors before Apple releases the certification for third-party manufacturers. I guess 2019 iPhones will be the first with USB-C, when Apple will be deploying a new form-factor.

Until then, there’s no other choice than Apple’s cables. Everything else is a risk.

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Yeah, stick with the Apple cable. There’s always Anker’s USB C to USB adapter. I picked one up a while back just so that I’d be able to use that USB C port on my laptop.

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As said above, I wouldn’t recommend getting any third party cables until apple starts freeing mfi certification.

Yes, I do have one of those adapters but i wondered if it would lessen the wattage going to the phone since USB A can only allow so much power though the port.

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Interesting way to make a USBC to lightning cable. I’m curious if this method will fast charge iPhones hmmm🤔

It’s worth a shot

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I’ve only used it to transfer data, and it would be an interesting test for someone out there who has a USB-C fast charger (I am not one of those people yet). And like @comcast.net5 mentioned–not sure how it would effect the wattage.

I have all the equipment including a USB multimeter but do not have a new iPhone to test with🤦‍♂️

I’ll try to get my hands on one and report back.

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In order to fast charge an iPhone 8/8 Plus, X, XS/XS Max or XR you need an OEM Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and a power source that can output 9v/2A or 14.5v/1.2A = 18w (maximum charge wattage) via PD (Power Delivery) since fast charge capable iPhone’s can accept 5V/1A - 9V/3A - 14.5V/2A via certified PD according to Apple. A big caveat is that iPhone’s will only take advantage of fast charging below 50% of charge level and will slow down to normal speeds between 50-100% to protect the hardware from overheating.

I have tried USB-C to USB-A adapters with all sorts of cables and voltage meters and I can’t get the iPhone to charge faster than 5v/1A.


Fast charging “might” also also be possible with an Anker certified MFi lightning cable, 30 watt power delivery wall adapter and the Anker USB C to USB a output.

As I said above I have everything except for a newer iPhone. But I will try to get my hands on one and report back.


Didn’t see this little tidbit originally, I’ll take your word for it thanks for sharing.

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Welp. I’ll consider the matter settled, too. Thanks for the info, @miula!

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Starting at about 4:00 minutes I go through the fast charging with power meters on OEM USB-C to lightning cables vs. USB-A to Lightning Anker Cables. You’ll have to excuse the review is for a product from a different brand but I am still waiting for Anker to come out with a slim PD 9v/2A=18w power bank because the 13000 switch edition (which I also own and use) that does fast charge the iPhone is heavy and expensive compared to other products.

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Hopeful Apple will release the certification and we can see some Anker cables for USB C to lightening :crossed_fingers:

Allegedly, Apple informed developers who participate in the MFi licensing program that they are planning to approve third-party products of “Apple USB-C - Lightning Cable”

In order to manufacture the USB-C - Lightning cable, a new “C94 Lightning connector” is necessary, it explains that it becomes a maximum 15 W power supply specification in the case of non USB PD and 18 W charging is supported in the case of USB PD compatible.

As it is in the stage of USB - C - Lightning Developer Preview, third party USB - C - Lightning cable is expected to be released in mid - 2019.

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Great information @miula thanks for sharing that with us and sounds promising :thumbsup: