Best travel battery

I’m looking for the best battery to keep my MacBook and peripherals charged when travelling. I don’t want to carry a powerport and a powercore and I’m wondering why they can’t effectively be combined into a single solution?

That would be nice, and is very similar to a request I’ve made. I’d love to see Anker look into USB-C power delivery for smaller laptops. I have a Dell XPS13 and am hopeful for a new version of the PowerCore 26800 (or similar) at some point that can top off my laptop as well as phone/tablet.

I like to be able to use the battery as a powerport i.e. run my mac off it when the battery is plugged in, that way I only need to carry one device that serves multiple purposes when I travel. Can the USB-C powercore deliver the same power as the apple charger (29w)?

I would go with the PowerCore 26800 if you wanted to charge your MacBook.