Best Samsung S10 Wireless Charger?

So, I’ve recently pre-ordered the S10 and I am not used to of having wireless charger because, I’m still rocking with a Note 4 right now. I was wondering in your opinion is wireless charger is worth it?


I say a wireless charger is definitely worth it.

Which one to get, depends on what you want one for.

That looks like a nice bundle, it would charge at a standard 5 watts.

Those two are similar, but they are more expensive because they charge at 7.5 watts so your s10 will charge faster.

The two chargers in the first link can also be purchased individually on amazon. It really all depends on what you want/need them for.

I would definitely recommend getting at least 1 wireless charger.

Hope this helps!


good options, nice write up @Anjou1888

Wireless charging adds ease and reduces wear and tear of phone port, however charging with cable is the best option ( I still stick to charging via cable ) for my S8 and iPhone just because wireless isn’t fast enough.

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Before I am pounced upon by fans of wireless charging, I know Qi charging has resolved all of the fast charging issues, but I am still fan of charging with regular cables (i use Anker ones :slight_smile: )

I much prefer cables too, just charge much faster

The Note 4 was such a great phone :cry:

Wouldn’t fast charge reduce battery life? And how much has wireless charging has improved? Does it charge faster than cable?

Yes, it was. But right now its being funky and weird all of the sudden.

Fast charge does not reduce the battery life.

Wether or not it will charge faster depends on the current wattage of your charger, and the wattage of the charger you buy.

Wish phone still had IR blaster. It was fun turning off or on random tvs

The new Samsung S10 can fast charge the device at 15W so first of all will look for a wireless charger that supports 15W fast charger. After a quick survey, I found most of the wireless charger with 7.5 and 10W except the one from Anker.

I have two of the units above, and all tho my XS max can’t take advantage of 15w charging it works well for our Iphones.
I only wish they shipped with a Usb-c to Usb-c cable instead of the Usb-a to c cable, but other than that they a very well made pads and work Great !! :smile:


Interesting. Now here is my other question. Does wireless charges equally the same as cable?

Yes cable charging is much faster than wireless charging

Thanks for the heads up. I’m new into wireless charging and its been awhile since I upgrade my phone.