Best Products by Anker

What are the best products that Anker makes?

In my opinion, the power core 20100

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Thanx for the info!

I own the PowerCore 20100 and it is awesome!

What are anker bucks. Please inform me and fill me in Dying to know?!?!? Thanks

I believe Anker Bucks is a new program. Not much has been released about it. It is coming soon.

Ok, thanks.

Their speakers are also pretty good for the price. Just wish the offered some higher-end models, in addition to the ability to be able to pair two of the same speakers together to get better, fuller, and even potentially stereo sound. That would be awesome (this is where you take note, Anker). lol, jk

PowerPort 5 is winner for daily in house use if not that car charger got the secound place ! 20100 third ;] !

The cables and the SoundCores…of course the PowerCores as well.

PowerHouse, Roav