Best practices for using my PowerCore 20100

Just purchased a PowerCore 20100 for use on an overseas flight next week. Is it more efficient to attach my fully charged iPad to the battery at the beginning of the flight or wait until the iPad battery is discharged before putting it on the Anker battery?

I would probably let the battery drain some, then top it off with the battery. Motorola’s Moto Z battery mod keeps the phone battery at 80% and charges from the battery, so I’d imagine something like that is probably the most efficient/least amount of wear on the battery.

When I beta tested a Disneyland app a few years ago (pretty much all day, in the park entering wait times and trying to break the app), I would charge my iPhone to 100%, attach the external battery and let the iPhone’s battery charge as needed by the external battery. This way, your device is always at/near 100% (even while being used continuously) while the external battery does all the work and takes the brunt of the battery usage.

I think you should plug your battery pack when it’s half way say 50% that’s what i do with my iPhone battery case

I would wait to charge your device until it’s around 20%, and to maintain your battery pack I would only charge it up to 80-90% when not in use and stored away


Anker had posted an really interesting blog post which said it batteries are in the best condition if you keep it between 40-80%

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Hi @lonetreejim,

Thank you for contacting us via the community.

You can drain the iPad battery first and then have it being plugged into the PowerCore 20100 for charging. Please be advised that if your iPad is fully charged, the PowerCore 20100 will shut off and do not keep charging your iPad automatically. You have to press the button or replug the cable when your iPad has battery discharged.

I hope this is helpful. Have a nice weekend!