Best Powercore Size?

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What’s the best Powercore Model to get do you think?
Is the 20,100 mAh model to big?

If you’re looking for something “pocket-friendly”, you’ll probably want the PowerCore 5000 or Mini. You might be able to fit the 10000 in your pocket if you have baggy jeans.

Ok, appreciate the speedy reply! Thanks!

20,100 mAh is not too bad if you plan to keep it in a bag.
For daily carry, I like the PowerCore slim 5000 ( If I know I will be out all day, I also bring PowerCore+ 10050 the (

I maintain a spreadsheet where i put in the best available information on size and weight and I divide the mah by volume and weight so a high mah/weight and high mag/volume is an indicatiion of density.

From these the ones which stand out in ascending order of mah are:

Powercore+ mini
Powercore 10000
Powercore 13000
Powercore 20100
Powercore 26800

The Powercore Slim 5000 is not particularly dense, probably because of its shape not allowing the densest battery tech and also a flatter shape has less volume per unit area so less battery room relative to casing, but I put it up as a notable one as its a good fit for pockets and a useful 5000mah.

You asked about the 20100mah model, it is actually the densest product they make, BUT it has 2A input vs others which have more input per mah so if you were looking to drain it fully and recharge it say overnight it may not quite fully recharged. For example 2 10000mah would allow you to charge twice as fast as you plug them both in. That is in effect what the 26800 is doing just in one case rather than 2 cases.

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That’s incredible!