Best Power Bank For Vaux Speaker?

I have a Vaux Speaker which incorporates a charger and speaker for the Amazon Dot. The charge will last about 6 hours. Want to add a power bank to increase its mobility. Which Anker power bank would work best?

Given that this uses a standard micro usb plug to charge the internal battery, you can get away with using almost at batterypack to charge it. The question is, how long do you want to be able to keep this powered up while out and about? A small 5k battery pack would allow a charge as would a 20k, so size and portability also comes into play with how much you want to carry and still be fully portable.

But to answer your question, any of Ankers battery packs will work to charge or delay needing to charge the device


Thanks elmo1683 for the reply. The specifications says a 9w adapter must be used to sufficiently charge the VAUX and power the Dot. Will this be an issue when deciding on which Anker power bank? Also will a quick charge power bank be helpful?

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minimum power requirement of 9W so the USB spec @5V is 1.8A, so if your battery outputs 2A you should be good. Which most Anker battery packs outout, more specifically I would go with a 20k powercore II which is what I have and use.

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