Best Power Bank For IPad Pro (9.7)

I have an IPad Pro 9.7 and I was wondering what is the best power bank to get. Will a power bank capable of charging an IPad Air 2 be powerful enough for my pro?



It seems that the charger supplied with it is a 12W 2.4A 5.2V type. So practically everything Anker ships will have this common standard. You don’t need Quickcharge, nor USB-PD.


The battery inside the tablet is 27.5Wh so you’re talking roughly 1.1x full recharges with the Powercore 10000. How did I calculate that? Well the Powercore 10000 is a 36Wh capacity and 37/27=1.37 but if I allow for some power losses in cable etc say 20% then 37/27*.8=1.09.

If you want a smaller powerbank then the Powercore Slim 5000 would be half a full recharge, or if you wanted more then say the Powercore II 20000 would be nearer to 2.5x recharges.

I recommend the Powercore 10000 because its enough power to get your a typical heavy day and its compact.


Do you only want to recharge the tablet from the powerbank or do you also want to charge something else? If you want to recharge other items then it is additive, you may want more USB ports on the powerbank and then also add the capacity needs. The Powercore 1000, Slim 5000 are single USB ports, the Powercore II 2000 is 3 ports, and there are plenty others with 2 ports like the Powercore 13000. If you had say an Android Quickcharge phone then consider powerbank with does Quickcharge which can then also do the common standard for the ipad.

Actually, the supplied charger is only 10W for the Air 2.

I know but it can actually take 12W.

I measured it :wink:

When I moved to an Anker Powerport and a cable not from Apple, I got the meter to increase from 2.1A to 2.3A. Once I figured it was Apple’s charger and Apple’s cable were the holding factor, the better cable then showed the newer Anker Powerdrive was giving 2.2A vs 2.3A. So overall I moved Apple charging speeds up about 10% or so. Nothing got wasted, the ipads can ingest power at 2.3A but the iphones can’t get much about 1.7A (smaller batteries charge slower) so the weaker products (Apple’s own) were focused on the phone, and Anker products on the tablet.

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If it is 2.4A, then you might want to get a portable charger with 3A to take full advantage of the fastest charge possible and voltage boost.