Best power bank charges?

What’s the fastest charger for the PowerCore II 20000 and just the normal USB type.

It would depend on the input capabilities of the PowerCore in question…are you referring to a particular PowerCore you have or wanting to purchase?


Safest bet is probably going to be PowerPort II PD attm. Supports PowerIQ 2.0 and Power Delivery.


Would you be so kind and tell us what kind of pb you would like to charge.
Please tell us the Ampere and the input (e.g USB, USB-C etc.) of the item.

I have personally used and reviewed more than 7 different brands for my blog here and specially loved the Anker’s powercore 20100 old series
though I am currently using the powercore plus 20100 and testing it with new USB C devices.
Sp basically Poewrcore 20100 is bit bulky but you get days of charge for iPhones thus positives are higher. Pricewise too old powercore is still doing great and the plus series is bit expensive for same capacity.