Best portable mini projector article featured on

On an article was featured on the best portable mini projectors. This article is about the nebula mars series!

I have been seeing articles on amazing lately that feature anker products!

I hope you enjoy this read!


Not disagreeing but having 3x Mars units in the Top 3 slots does kinda read like a sponsored article.
Also, the brightness figures in the commentary don’t match the table. They do also state that they were running the Mars II in ‘battery mode’ which halves the brightness.


Nice job finding all these Anker related articles @Anjou1888 :thumbsup:

Now the world is looking at Anker it seems, keep up guys :grin:


I’ve been wondering if these articles are sponsored too :joy:.

@AnkerOfficial do you have any idea if these are sponsored or not?

As long as consumers get a good device at reasonable price and vendors like Anker or Amazon use the platform to promote them, how does it matter if it is a sponsored article… Eventually, some one has to pay to promote or publish it… :slight_smile:

Whoever is doing it is doing a great job!

@Anjou1888 thanks for bringing these articles to us :thumbsup:

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Thanks for sharing!

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I had a Nebula Mars 2 for quite a while, but i was disappointed by the battery life. After some recharges i could hardly finish an episode of my series i was watching.

@oberbula, That’s a shame, you should have reached out to support. I use mine every week and we have not had that issue. Our battery last through a 2 hour movie with time left to spare