Best portable charger to use while holding it and your phone

For those of you who hold your portable charger and phone in your hand… What Anker product do you use while charging your phone?

Either the lipstick portable charger with 3300 mAh or the PowerCore Slim 5000. They are easy to hold and super light!


Powercore Slim 5000. A bit more power, it is a 2A input and 2A output, double the Powercore+ Mini 1A input and 1A output.

So: better in the hand, it is slim and phone shaped so you can hold it right up next to the phone, it charges your phone 2x faster and it recharges 2x faster.


Tbh I use a 10,000 mAh unit and phone in my hand, but if you want it a bit easier I agree you should get the PowerCore 5000.

thanks for all the info :slight_smile:

I don’t really have specifics at the moment, I have a case for iPhone 6 that plugs into the phone and has a micro USB charger, this case has a battery so it extends the life of your phone’s life daily, it’s amazing and works great. It does add some heft but is way better than having a battery that has to be plugged into it at all times.

Ok here it is:

Don’t think they have them for other phones, but it works great for iPhone.

I use an Astro E6 with a 1ft Powerline+ cord. I keep it in it’s pouch with the cord, another 6" cord and a cloth to clean my phone screen. When I need to charge I just plug the Powerline+cord in and the tighten the cinch on the pouch with just the cord dangling out and lay my phone on top of the pouch and plug it in.

I use my PowerCore+ 10050. It’s on the bigger side of things, but I like my beefy 10,000mAh capacity. Surprisingly, it’s actually really compact and fits in the hand well.

:confused: I dont get people who hold their portable charger while they charge their phone. I’m simply using a long cable (6ft) and I put the charger (I’m using the PowerCore 20100) in my pocket or in my bag. This way, you cant buy a better portable charger for a better price (because it is not slim). Oh and cable are cheap so… In my opinion, this is the best option! :kissing_heart:

The PowerCore+ Mini and the PowerCore Slim are one of the best portable chargers because of their small size.

This especially goes for the PowerCore Slim as its form factor is able to accommodate the usage of a smartphone being stacked on top of the charger Slim charger.

There’s also the PowerCore 5000 if you want to still have portable power and have more capacity. However, the PowerCore 5000 is larger and heavier than the other two I mentioned. You can check out a review of the PowerCore 5000 right here:

I use the Anker PowerCore 20100 with a 3m cable - much easier than holding it in your hand…

It’s very hard to find a cable that long that will deliver a decent charge.

I don’t hold my battery.

I either use my PowerCore+ 10050 or PowerCore Mini in my pocket, connected to my phone via Anker 3ft PowerLine Micro USB cable.

My wife uses the PowerCore Mini with her iPhone in her purse. Or if she is traveling for work, she uses her older Anker Astro in her back pack.

When we go to Disney World, I put my battery (usually my PowerCore 20100) in my drawstring back pack, with the wire coming out to my phone…

If its colder, I’ll put the phone and battery into the inside pocket on my coat/jacket using a 1ft Anker USB cable.

some sort of battery holster? I know this is for the pokemon players out there right?

PowerCore Slim 5000 + 3FT CABLE IS WINNER FOR ME !

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The PowerCore Slim 5000 is always my goto charger when I am out. It fits perfectly right behind my Samsung Galaxy S6. You almost do not even notice the extra bulk when it is your hand.

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Powercore 10000


My mystake i ment 1ft cable !

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I would say the 5000 slim but i use the 10k mah