Best on the go set ups with anker on iOS or android

As the title says,
whats your setup when on the go? Using Anker products and so on. Pics pls

I would have to say the Anker Powercore 20100 is my go to setup with their 6ft Powerline+ Lightning cable. That battery pack has been through hell and back and is just keeps going despite being dropped several times and charged and depleted pretty much once a day. I will be looking into getting a PowerCore + 26800 Power pack soon although since its more rugged and nicer looking in my opinion.

Uploading… don’t go many places without these beaut’s

The 26800 is excellent and quality is on point. It is quite heavy tho and the aluminum will scratch easily. I own one and I carry it in a bag like the 20100 I own too. Tho the 20100 we can carry using my wifes purse easy.

Awesome thanks for the insight! I will definitely be getting one today I have procrastinated long enough and the 20100 will become my backup as it seems to be tiring out.