Best Mobile Accessory Anker Powerwave

Congrats Anker on another award!!
Anker wins this years T3 2018 award for best Mobile Accessory


Good to see Anker making the headlines again :thumbsup:

The UK’s most prestigious technology, design and innovation awards returns!:sunglasses:


Congratulations! Great product!

Last year, T3 were offering these as subscription rewards.

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? You sure it was these? As I could have sworn these powerwave came out this year

I can’t remem exactly (if I could be arsed, I’d go through old posts of mine, as I did it as a topic at the time) but I’m sure. lol

Mind might have been early usb in the year. Hehehe :face_with_head_bandage::crazy_face:

Found it… Hehehe, your right, it was a powerbank.