Best input dock for laptop based computing w/ USB-C

I run a desk set up with my laptop and ultrawide monitor, and the problem I face is that my laptop looks like it’s on life support with a cable for HDMI, USB input and ethernet coming out one side of it and a separate cable for the cooling dock out the other.

Now my laptop has a single USB-C (w.thunderbolt) and I’ve seen that it can carry a load of data and power through it (hell it charges ultrabooks). Is there any hub that can run HDMI/Displayport, USB and Ethernet through a single USB connector or if Anker is looking at this would you be interested in producing such a product, Really would help with my cable management!

For those interested in the cable set up here is an imgur link to the photo

Have you looked at or

Not sure if they suit your purposes, but might be worth a look

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