Best Gaming Laptop

What is the best Gaming Laptop?


I’d personally never buy a gaming laptop. Keeping a desktop gaming PC up-to-date is already hard enough with huge changes in the graphics segment every passing year. That being said, I can’t recommend a gaming laptop to anyone, but if you have the dough, get a Razer or something. I’m sure it’ll be great but next year maybe not so great. Then that regret will hit you.


“The Best” is subjective.

What are you needing/wanting from a laptop?
If you are using it primarily to game, which games do you play? If they are demanding games then is their a reason you can not have a desktop?

We need more information if you want decent advice.

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Don’t know much about them, all i know is i need one with a minimum Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card and 4 GB of ram

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I still have my m11x from Alienware…they are usually top notch when it comes for gaming machines

I like portability so a good gaming laptop by definition is power hungry therefore low battery life and a weird voltage input so you can’t use so much off-grid.

So from an Anker perspective I’d say you’d want the best gaming mobile or tablet with some kind of USB

I have built PCs in the past and to be honest, everything in a tower size unit is more powerful and lower cost than in a laptop which has to make density and power efficiency to fit in a small form factor.

I like laptops which are portable so they are not really gaming. Best example is a Chromebook.

So a mobile, tablet, chromebook, tower.

That is a desktop processor.

Have a read of this, it has laptop models you can look at and a beginner friendly comparssion.