Best Deal | Big discount on PowerPort 5 charging hub!

There’s no such thing as too many USB charging ports, and Anker’s here to help. Our PowerPort 5 charging hub has 40 watts of power delivered through 5 ports, enough to keep all your devices charging in the fast lane, leaving more time in life for the things you really enjoy. Just be sure to use discount code below at checkout to save $6 on Amazon!

( 30 % OFF ) Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Type-C 24W USB Wall Charger
Regular Price: $23.99
Deal Price: $16.79
Code: BEST2012

( 30 % OFF ) 40W 4-Port USB Wall Charger
Regular Price: $25.99
Deal Price: $18.19
Code: BEST2142

( 30 % OFF ) 40W/8A 5-Port USB Charger PowerPort 5, Multi-Port USB Charger
Regular Price: $23.99
Deal Price: $16.79
Code: LOVE2124

US Only. Deals start May 11th at 00:00 PDT, end May 15th at 23:59 PDT


always with the good deals.

You’re rigth! :wink:

So does this mean there are Elite versions coming soon?

Smaller and more powerful please.

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Who knows?
Elite, Dura, Speed, II, + series?, a traditional naming scheme?!?!

Your entire life is USB-powered, so it makes sense to outfit your nightstand and desk with multi-port chargers that can juice up your phone, tablet, smart watch, Kindle, and even laptop all at once.:sunglasses:

Here is your biggest fan with insight into your biggest failings. Truth, if you can handle it.

Your innovation the last year has been disappointing.

Your density of products has not improved since a step change you made about a year ago. The Powerport2 with 24W in a 5.1cuin size really was a good step improvement. Your Powercore 10000 in 7.4cuin is still my most fave Anker product, I keep recommending it to everyone.

But then what? Your Powerport2 Elite is the same physical volume. Your Powercore II 10000 is physically larger.

I am back home now after 5 days of moving around non-stop in USA via San Francisco and Las Vegas, I lived out of a 16L backpack and my Anker products were, well, limited. I had the Powercore 10000 which is a very compact power density but only has 1 port. I was on a flight from Vegas and wanted to top-up 2 devices, nope can’t.

I ended up carrying some Aukey.


  • Powercore 10000 with 2 USB in the same size weight as Powercore 10000. IQ2 will help.
  • Powerport2 24W smaller lighter than the latest Elite. I carry a 12W Aukey because Anker does not make anything smaller than the Powerport2.