Best company with always a smile?

Gosh now I understand Ankers true business model quality and professionalism support and kindness to your loyal customers. Now I can now settle on one company to buy products on a raguler basis. Let me take a moment to look how amazing their support is. Almost 3 days ago by now I had an issue with my Libarity Pro 2 Earbuds so I made a post on their forums and within 5min I got a help by one of the staff members right away he/she put a good chunk of time troubleshooting with me trying to fix the problem and I can’t forget he/she always had great mood on his/her face
with me. Also the Earbuds were actually a defective pair. Through customer support I got a response within less then 4 hours maybe low traffic anyways they let me keep my pair until the new one arrives. Like isn’t that’s not showing something that no other companies I’ve heard of do. I want to thank you for your services I’m gladly paying for them forever. :grinning:


If I’d make one complaint about Anker these past few days in about CES 2020 they didn’t show the specs for the new True Wireless Earbuds and it’s killing me inside lol I think. Maybe I’m wrong if so please tell me :grinning:

Anker teams and managers need to discuss and decide on the material to be published. This takes time, so we must give them some time. Anker will publish all the details when they have it ready.

People at CES 2020 may already have the information, and as for wider release, we should be seeing this soon!

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Pumped for that. Wish you could tip a company like at a restaurant for example.

Buying yourself a required product is as good as a tip to them :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice to hear your positive experience @sirkas
To be fair, the vast majority are!
We are all hear for one reason or another but good support from both Ankers official channels and the community is becoming a key reason people are hanging around and joining in on the chat, reviews and testing etc.
I’m hear because of the support members have given me and now find myself offering advice and solutions to others.
I hope to see your spiky little avatar around the forum for many years to come :+1:

Glad you had a great experience with Anker support!

Happy to hear you are happy with Anker

It’s always go to see a positive post that someone enjoys there product or the support on a product.
Stick around we welcome you to the family as @Chiquinho would say.

Glad to here @sirkas I know you are active on Soundcore collective. Do visit this forum to know more about other Anker brands and products you might like.

glad to hear your thoughts on Anker. Anker has been a favorite companies for a few years now and I always look forward to their new releases .

Thanks :smiley:

This a company with great products and amazing customer support

Definitely makes Anker unique compared to other companies for sure.