Best Chromebook Accessory? — July 2017

There are some pretty important accessories that everyone should pick up for their Chromebook. You may need a mouse, or a Bluetooth keyboard, or perhaps a secondary monitor or a carrying case. If you’re in the market for some premium peripherals, take a look at this:

Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard

Take this keyboard anywhere—it’s about 30% smaller than other keyboards. Instantly pair to your Chromebook or tablet using Bluetooth. Compatible with Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and macOS laptops.

It’s currently available on Amazon. Check it out!

Thanks for drawing our attention to this?

Chromebooks come with keyboards. Why would you add a keyboard?

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Sometimes when duty calls, you have to post up and work on your computer for hours on end. Spending hours upon hours using a smaller keyboard and touchpad may make your mobile-computing experience a bit of a grind.To make things easier, it’s sometimes nice to have a separate keyboard or mouse that can be plugged in and used with your laptop.

A separate mouse and keyboard for your Chromebook aren’t the most obvious accessories for it. But, if you’re like me and you work at your desk in your home office, it really is. Just prop up your Chromebook on a laptop stand and hook up a mouse and keyboard to it. Works like a charm.


Chromebooks come with keyboards, trackpads.

Tablets don’t.

I use Chromebooks, tablets, phones, all the time.

What you are describing is a neck head tilt alignment problem related to head tilt where a laptop style format the tilting of the head down to be near where the screen is near your hands makes for (eventually) a painful result. That means you should have bought different technology altogether. Chromebooks are deliberately cheap, deliberately for students. For a productivity worker, they probably need a docking station, with a heads-up LCD and other devices.

Puzzled still.
Aside: BT keyboards are useful, but in other non-Chromebook contexts. Like tablets, or Raspberry Pi. or older folks who know how to finger type blind but the screen is feet away.

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Posted up, I like that. Where do you apply to work for Anker? :joy:

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Was thinking the exact same thing myself. BT keyboards are best kept to tablets or devices where onscreen keyboards are not suitable (such as kiosk terminal for advanced config)

It would be useful for a laptop if it was being used as a base computer replacement on an external monitor (closed lid).

I’m happy to see that many Chromebooks are now moving towards USB-C charging, so I would also suggest a Power Delivery charger.

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