Best charger for my backpacking situation?

Hello Ankers I’m using an Anker bank with double micro USB/USBA inputs that allow for a 24W max input. So the 24W two port charger is the immediate match as I need a 24W charger to maximise my charge speed while charging in coffee shops etc. However as I’m backpacking that charger is a bit of a brick especially for the EU plug version. What are some better solutions? Please chime in. One idea I’m weighing is the 24W two port Anker car charger which is a fraction of the wall charger’s size. And this would allow me to
charge up while hitch hiking which adds versatility so this might be the best idea. I would have to add a car charger-wall adapter to my pack but altogether these two accessories would still be comparable and possibly smaller than the 24W two port wall charger. I also thought of buying two single port wall
chargers however I do not know if these things could be 12W each or not and I do not know if their albeit smaller
combined size compared to the 24W wall charger would still be relevant after also buying a splitter to allow me to plug them both into a single wall socket (because in Europe I believe I will find more single wall sockets than double sockets). So please chime in with your product knowledge and ideas. Perhaps that little Anker car charger is my best bet? And is there a best little adapter for it for wall sockets? And would the adapter be an issue given that I want to make use of the car charger’s full 24W output? (not to limit your anwers to the car charger solution so please chime in with all your ideas understanding that hitch hike charging is only a small bonus for me and just I want my charger accessories to take up as little space as possible in my pack while still offering two standard ports totalling 24W).

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It depends how many items and what kind of items you intend to carry around.
But there are some many models from Anker meanwhile its very difficult to answer your question.

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