Best charger for 10400

God morning. I have a 10400 Powercore charger I bought in January. I use it to directly power my GoPro hero 4 silver using a separate cable made to hook a go pro directly to a portable charger.
That being said, can I use any of the anker wall chargers (2/3/4/5 hub chargers) to charge the powercore itself? Not an expert on Amps, etc. so looking for easiest option. Rarely am I charging more than 2 devices at a time.
Thanks for any assistance. Great products!!!

Hi @gspdemondogs and welcome to the community! You have a couple options depending on your plug type requirements UK/US. I’ve never had any issues with the following if your normally charging 2 or less devices at once;

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Here is an example that wouldn’t be an ideal charging solution:

PowerPort 5 2.4A per port / 8A total.
If you had 3 iPads charging (each drawing about 2.4A, then you’d have less than 1A for charging your PowerCore, which isn’t ideal. However, if you only had 2 iPads charging, you’d be just fine. Overall, the amount of power in their 5 port charger is lower. I’d expect an upgrade soon.

Personally, my recommendation to you would be this. It would be ideal for charging up to 3 devices at once, however once you start charging 4, the speeds MAY be throttled.

If you don’t ever think you’ll have more than 2, then sure, go for this one, but it’s always nice to have an extra port just in case!

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