Best Carrier

I would like everyone’s opinions on which mobile carrier is the best in terms of data, reliability, and speed. I am a current user of Sprint. Thank you!

I was with Sprint, and they were great, but Verizon just beats all. You do get what you pay for. But what I don’t understand is the leasing of cellphones among all post-paid carriers! Do they have to be so freaking greedy? For example, if I didn’t have my wife’s cellphone on some kind of lease, her bill would be in the $50-60 range but instead it’s $80-90 range. And the only way, from what I’m aware, to make this extra amount every month go away is to pay off the phone, not to turn it in, because if I turn it in, they apparently give you a gift card for the phone which is most likely less than what you owe and only to be used on Verizon’s products. Please enlighten me. Once her lease contract is up, I’m taking her to prepaid. I hate cellphones, thank goodness mine’s a work phone and I actually need it in order to do my job. lol

I’ve always had Verizon. Never had anyone else. They may be expensive, but I’ve never had any issues. Everything works perfectly. Plus, now that they added Carryover Data and Safety Mode for free, they’re finally more competitive.

Att for coverage, T-Mobile for value.

Get an unlocked mobile with lots of bands like the Moto G4 Play.

The Safety Mode is definitely a great feature! Hoping it stays. Is it really free though? I seem to think somewhere it was $5 extra. Or maybe it was the plan I was moving from that changed it. Who knows.


When the feature was first introduced, it was only free on The New Verizon Plan if you had the Large or better plan. For users on The New Verizon Plan who had a smaller plan (i.e., medium, small, etc.), it was $5. People started complaining that Verizon was being greedy and holding back, and that stuff like that is standard on T-Mobile and AT&T, so Verizon caved in to the pressure, and not long after, they made it free for all plans on The New Verizon Plan. I believe if you don’t have The New Verizon Plan, you’re ineligible.

More clarification:

Though the feature is free, you still have to enable it manually, and Verizon makes it kind of difficult. This is, of course, because they would love to charge you with overage fees, and they can’t do that if it’s enabled.

T-Mobile continues to win me over every time. So many perks on top of what I pay for… it’s just worth it.

I’m on o2 in the UK and have never had any issues with getting decent signals where I live or travel, even in the cave which is my office at work. :laughing:

Improved 4G access at certain coast lines would be a bonus however!

UK here too. We essentially have four networks. In my experience, from best to worst coverage and speed, they are:

1). EE
2). 3
3). O2
4). Vodafone.

Vodafone talk a good talk but their network is pathetic unless you are in a major city or town. As soon as you get out in the country you’ll be lucky to get G.

O2 has better coverage than Vodafone and has a very good signal indoors, which is a bonus.

3 is fast and gives great data allowances. The ‘coverage with decent speed’ is about a million times better than Vodafone and much better than O2, but if you are at the edge of civilisation you’ll have no signal.

EE seems the best overall for coverage and speed.

I use 3 because they have 98% of the same coverage, 95% of the speed, and are 50-75% of the price of EE.

Thank you. Yeah, I’m on Sprint still and the data is very crappy.

I was a MetroPCS customer for about 7-8 years but I was tired of going somewhere and the coverage would drop down to H or even E, but I am using a GSM only phone so my only other choice was AT&T so I used Straight Talk on AT&T to see how it was and I liked it, so after a few months I went to gophone and love it absolutely love it, and only a month later I find out my plan data is being bumped up to 8 GB

ROK mobile is the best for verizon users (MVNO of verizon), T-Mobile trial plan is best for those that don’t need a permeanent number ($20 for 10gb of data per month)