Best cable for fast charging Galaxy S7

my original samsung galaxy s7 cable is starting to break and decided to get an anker cable, but unsure which one to get any advice? do any of the cables work like the samsung cable and fast charge as well?

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You can’t go wrong with any of the powerline cables. I use both the powerline and powerline+ and they charge just as fast if not quicker than the Samsung cable.

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Im new to the Anker range of products and have been looking at the Powerline range of micro usb charging cables.
I too have a Samsung S7 and wondered what were the differences between Powerline and Powerline + ??

The powerline looks like the basic usb cable but is made with bulletproof aramid fiber. Powerline+ is a bit more heavy duty. It has a fiber core with a double nylon braided outer layer. I believe the connectors have a bit more strength to them also. I use both everyday and the only real noticeable difference is the powerline+ is more stiffer than the powerline which doesn’t bother me one bit.

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Dear madstaffdave,

Hi! We really appreciate that you are interested in our product!

We understand that you want to know the difference betwwen Powerline and Powerline+ cables.

Please kindly understand that Powerline+ cables are more durable than the Powerline cables, the materials are not the same, Power line cables use the Kevlar fiber insider and it can be bent 10,000 times or more.

And for similarities, the design of Powerline+ and powerline cables are more humanized than those normal cables, it is more comfortable for you to hold and charge.

So we recommend the powerline+ micro cables for you and please kindly click the blow link for your reference:

If you have any other question about us, please let us know!

We are always available and glad to help. Please always feel free to contact us with your Anker-related issues!

Best wishes! :stuck_out_tongue:

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good idea! Our big fans :smile:

Which cables enable fast charging is all i want to know? If we plug them into our phone in a fast charging base will fast charging feature turn on, on my phone.