Best aux cable for motion+?

So i bought a large aux cable and it gave me issue also it was just like buzzing after a while even if i am just surfing web anker cable that came in the motion+ box works fine but still its there when nothing is playing it happens which is really weird.Laptop speaker does not have that issue.Or maybe anker speaker picks up some frequencies laptop speaker does not?weird though.

Buzzing? Was it being charged at the same time?

You do get buzz off most items if they have audio and power at the same time. Chargers which are not earthed (which is most chargers) have this naturally.

A better Aux cable doesn’t remove buzz, it’s a by product of all metals and all a better cable is have more metal and buzz, if anything, louder.

This seems to happen very less with anker aux cable but the aux cable i got with gold contacts seems to have this issue alot more frequent charging or not charging i just wanted to know which aux cable is similar to motion+ cable that comes with it in the box?Because the size of the aux cable came in the box is too small i need 2m aux cable.

U might be right though when battery is low this issue seems to happen with both cables but still the cable it arrived with works alot better and this happens very less while i am using it but its just too small in length.

Try a different aux cables. They are really cheap in stores

Yeah he was right if not charging it happens less and usually does not happen when using anker cable and anker cable seems like the best one ok ill try different aux cables but is the gold contact aux cable causing more issues?i mean the cable should be better then the one anker sent me i think does anker make aux cables also?can we purchase additional aux cable from them with 2m length?