Best ANKER product

What’s your guys favorite product? I personally have purchased a lot of products from ANKER ever since my friend told me about it I started looking up about the brand ANKER on Amazon, after looking at there products for a while I decided to get the wall charger with the quick charge 3.0, 30$ seemed a bit much for just a wall charger. After I got it and saw how fast t charges my phone and 2 other devices I thought it was worth it so as I kept getting more into ANKER I bought there 20,000 power bank charger with quick charge 3.0 which cost 50$ which seemed like a good price when I got it I fully charged it over night and as I kept using I barley even saw one of the lights go out after about 4 times charging my phone which is excellent. I can change so many things with my power bank. After I ordered my 10ft iPhone 6 charger cable and my 3,500mAh power case which is just amazing. ANKER is for sure one of my favorite brands to use

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Anything from this brand. The quality really shows and separates them from others.

Favourite? Well it depends but I do tend to come full circle back to a commonly carried product of the Powercore 10000. It is small and yet able to handle the worst day possible. The next choice is also hard but I tend to at night plug everything in and I have a USB-C tablet and a phone and if I drained the Powercore and say my Android Wear watch and say BT headphones so I use the Powerport 5 USB-C.

If everything I owned was destroyed I’d probably be buying the Powercore 10000, a Powerport 2 for traveling, Powerport USB-C for home and a few cables.

What I actually own is influenced by discounted options, like today I got the Powercore 26800, I’d not buy it at $60 as its hard to have a trip for so long off-grid to need that much current for the size/weight but at 50% off $33 delivered… it got my money.