Best Anker Power Bank in ~10000 range?

Hi, everyone!

I am hoping to purchase the best Anker power bank in the ~10000 category but am unsure which it would be. I would figure that it would be the most recent model but that is hard to determine.

After reading all the materials I could, it seemed that the 2 best are the

PowerCore+ 10050
PowerCore II 10000

I just want to find the one with the most updated input and output specs.

Does anyone have any information to share. It would be very much appreciated.


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It all depends on what device you want to charge. If it is a Qualcomm Quick Charge device, I’d recommend the PowerCore II 10000. If it is not, such as an iPhone, I’d recommend PowerCore 10000 or PowerCore 13000 C.


Thanks very much for that quick reply.

So, what do you think of the PowerCore+ 10050?

Sorry, but there are so many models. Thanks!

I guess that the big question is the speed of the recharging.

Are there differences among all these models?


What phone/tablet do you want to charge with the PowerCore?

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Yes, there are many models. I agree that Anker’s lineup can get quite intimidating for new customers!

For the fastest recharge, I’d recommend the PowerCore II 10000.

It is the same speed as the PowerCore+ 10050, but cheaper and lighter.

I prefer the powercore II slim 10000 can’t beat the size and convenience

I would be mostly charging iPhones with it. Thanks.

I would mostly be charging iPhones with it. Thanks.

Good choice :grin:
Then I’d recommend the same as Josh. PowerCore II 10000. I have one. It’s great

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Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your expertise on these products.

I read lots of reviews, but your input is invaluable. Thanks!

Like Josh, I’d also recommend either the PowerCore 10,000 or PowerCore II 10,000. At the same time, I would not recommend the 13,000 since it’s only 3,000mAh greater capacity than the 10,000 and is quite a bit bigger and heavier than either of the 10,000s mentioned. I have both the PowerCore 10,000 and 13,000 and my go-to unit is the PowerCore 10,000, hands-down due to it’s excellent size-to-capacity ratio.

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I’d add the PowerCore Speed 10,000 to that list.

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Wouldn’t recommend any of the Speed series (except maybe the PD version) because the II versions are less expensive and better materials.

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Folks, I have one more quick question, this time on a wall charger.
On the “PowerPort 2 Ports,” one output is designated as QC3.0 and the other as PowerIQ. Do you know if the QC3.0 port can also be used to charge non-QC3.0 devices, so that I can plug in 2 iPhones, for instance???
Thanks much for any insight.

Yes, you absolutely can.

Thanks, Joshua!

Do you know if either of these power banks would benefit from recharging from a QC3.0 port, rather than simply a PowerIQ port?

PowerCore II Slim 10000
PowerCore II 10000


Yes, both of those will benefit from QC 3 by a pretty significant margin.

During my testing of quick charge and power iq I have found that they charge within 10 or so minutes of each other so you really cannot go wrong with either. And this is my testing using my Samsung Galaxy s5, my wife’s S7 and my Motorola Moto X Pure