Best Anker Cable for Nexus 6p

I just purchased a Nexus 6p second hand and there was no USB-C to USB-A cable included. I’m looking to get one from Anker if its fully compatible as I know some USB-C cables aren’t up to specs. Does anyone have this phone and use Anker cables without issue? Also which cables do you have/recommend. Thanks

The power line+ cables from anker (the red ones) may support rapid charging (I’m waiting in one being delivered to test) but the black USB A to C cables do not.

This is because Anker have been focusing on Quick Charge and the Nexus (and Pixel) uses USB C standard Power Delivery to charge.
Anker are apparently looking into to making cables for this.
The Power IQ on their chargers will however let you quick charger your Nexus if you use a rapid charge enabled cable.

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Did you find positive results with the red Power Line+ cable for the Nexus 6P?

The newer ones (bought in the last few months) do seem to charge the 6p quickly, but do not always say they are fast charging the phone. Bit weird, but they do work! Anker now do fully compliant USB-C PD cables. However the Nexus 6P uses a very early version of PD so it’s a bit hit and miss it seems.