Best anker BT headphones?

hey guys,
I want to pick up a pair of bluetooth headphones, and want to get a pair from Anker.

I was looking at these right now,

but do you have any other suggestions? I’m open to other brands as well if needed, but I’ve grown to trust anker’s quality to price balance

I pretty much just want something some bluetooth earbuds, and the best possible sound I can get at this pricepoint.
those slim ones look like a great design thats not going to stick out too far from my ears and prevent me from looking crazy haha.

lemme know your suggestions!


I would suggest these i have them and i have had no problems great sound great battery life
great for being at the gym with

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There are so many choices I doubt any of us own all to know which is best.

I do have the Slim you mentioned and I like them. They stick in the ear.


I have the Sport and occasionally there is interference. Great Bluetooth range

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I have the anker Bluetooth soundbuds curve and its very good. You can go for that one.

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I have the slims and I like them. The sound is not too bad for the price point.

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@andynimmo84 @nigelhealy @Isaac_Schloss @Duru_Vitus @namroc22 dope, thanks for the suggestions!


No problem, i hope you find the right pair of earbuds. I have a pair of bose earbuds too but I needed something with no wires when I’m working out and so far the slims have not disappointed.

yeah thats what I actually wanted. If bose somehow made a pair of Bluetooth Noise Cancelling earbuds, I’d buy them instantly.

I think the anker slims will be great for right now though!

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It would be cool if Anker made some over the ear BT headphones.


I own the Bose QC35, and the Anker Slim. The in-ear tight fitting of the Slim is so good for shorter flights I just bring the Slim for compactness of luggage, the battery lasts long enough for Uber / airport / 2hr flight / airport / Uber. I use the Bose for longer flights, because I find Bose noise cancellation so good it seems to stop the day-after dull headache on a >3 hour flight.

I also own the Anker buds Life, they seem to do much less job of noise isolation than the Slim, despite trying all 3 bud sizes, but they have much better battery life so they tend to be used around the house a lot / almost exclusively.

So tomorrow I’m working from home for about 6 hours then its Uber / 3 hours airport - flying / Uber so I’m using the Life at home and leaving home with the fully charged Slim. I’m pretty much needing audio for 8 hours total til in hotel.

Top tip: Buy one of those Powercore+ Mini to recharge your buds, together it is a very compact package so that drop-off / security / boarding 30 mins or so, I recharge my Slims then, and the seatrest upright but electronics away / landing uptil I order Uber, I recharge the Slim then also. The other option is own 2 slim and when one flat swap and connect to the Mini+.

The reason I mention Uber a lot and buds is that “where are you” finding each other thing with no wires in the way, one hand holding cellphone other hand opening car door. I stand there with one right bud in right ear to keep the mic near my mouth and the other bud tucked under t-shirt. It’s a system which works.

During the flight I am currently watching downloaded Mr Robot, I’m up to series 2 episode 5.


that was a great response, I’m definitely sold on the Slims. I have a huge anker powerbank I take with me in my backpack if I’m going anywhere so that’ll cover me for power for my phone and the headphones.

Thanks again guys :pray:

With the reputation that Anker has, over the ear would definitely be nice. Especially in cooler weather.

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The bigger Powercore have a higher cutoff current for their ports and will stop recharging the smaller buds earlier. Hence my hint for smaller audio devices to recharge off smaller batteries. It is not a major issue if you can keep pressing the power button on the larger Powecore to wake up its electronics. Every Powercore is a little different so it is only a matter of not assuming and testing.

Anyways, there is little of Anker to not recommend, it is more tuning for your situation.

ohh I understand, I’ll test them out with the bigger bank and see if the cutoff is too high; if it is, I just have an excuse to pick up another power bank :joy:

I have both Surge and Life, they are both really good and i use surge for sport and life when i am at the computer desk.

I have the Slim, Life, and Curve.

Curve is my favorite. Better sound quality than the Slims, more compact than the Lifes (as @nigelhealy mentioned he uses the Life’s mostly at home) , and 12 hours of battery life! Can’t go wrong. Also, here’s my review.

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Currently use three Anker BT headphones;

  • the slim for work as battery often stretches to 6hrs with a 30 min top up getting me through the rest of the day (if it’s a long one) and the fit is secure (the around the neck magnetic hold also comes in handy :wink:)
  • NB10 Sport for gym use, holds very well in intense exercise with good audio quality and bass, again up to 6 hrs at full volume
  • SoundBuds Life for home use on iPod / iPhone or laptop/iMac. Better audio than the Slims, more than meets my music listening needs and the battery is not so shabby at 23hrs at 75-100% volume.

Have used three other brands that were in the same price bracket (or less) than the Slims but always noticed lag or BT drop out issues.

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I recently reviewed the SoundBuds Surge and found them to be excellent - certainly not what I was expecting them to be. Good balance of sound right across the frequency range and the Bluetooth signal is very impressive, I managed to walk half way across our massive office with no loss of signal or quality :+1:

Review is here on YT and full written review on Amazon

Hope this helps :facepunch: