Best anker bluetooth earbuds for running?

Hello anker community. I’ve recently started running around 8-10km daily and I’m looking for bluetooth earbuds that can stay in my ears while running and also sweat resistant so they don’t die after few days. Anker has a wide range of bluetooth wireless earbuds I’ve never used any of them so i don’t know what to do.


Personally I would suggest either the Spirit X (which are the current favs of community members, there are a number of reviews on here also)

The SoundBuds Curve (predecessor model of the Spirit X) and the NB10’s are also very good for running…

Depends on your budget and/or whether you want to hang on for price reductions…

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll buying the earbuds that will suit my need in a day or two.

Why are soundcore spirit X the favs on anker? To an average user like me the soundcore spirit seems a better choice because of their form factor. Soundbud Flow also has great reviews on Amazon what is group view about these

My budget is around 40$.

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The spirit x are favored because they have sweatguard tech, earhooks plus earwings so they dont fall out when running or doing vigorous activities. They also have decent soundstage with good bass response. Very lightweight so you dont notice them and can wear them for extended periods of time

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Thanks for the details. They even have a bigger battery i just checked them now. Maybe these are the ones I’ll get.

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I use anker magnetic ones as they are very easy to use and all it takes to turn the on is to pull them apart it couldn’t be easier!

If money is not a concern, I’d go Zolo Liberty. I have no issues with them falling out and the sound is awesome.

magnetic ones? the soundcore spirit sports?

How are these for running? Do they stay in your ear?sound quality? What would you prefer soundcore spirit sports or soundcore spirit x?

Sorry i don’t have that budget to buy these right now.

Another vote for the Spirit X! They are comfortable and the sound quality is great!

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The spirit x

The SPIRIT SPORT is a great headphone… Full stop!

They stay in well, and the sound is great (even better if you have a decent EQ app/music app), the stamina is great (8hrs if I remember).

A good price too.

Easy to recommend… I’ve reviewed these n very happy with them.

I don’t personally have them but I would recommend the spirit X because of their sweat guard long battery life and ear hooks.

People have been recommending me the soundcore spirit X but i don’t like that hook design. I’ve decided to go with soundcore spirit sports. The battery life is also enough.

Can you link your review?

Here it is I think?

You can buy Anker SoundCore Liberty Air true earbud
I think it will be perfect.