Behind The Scenes

Does Anker produce the tech for any more famous leading companies behind the scenes? It could be a car battery, or the
USB output tech for a different company’s laptop, or, I dunno, a portable heater or something. After all, this is the country’s leader in USB charging. Comment below on what you think, or even know!


Really interesting question. Would make me think about purchasing other products if I know Anker is behind the scenes

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I see a lot of anker family branded devices that look oddly familiar to other branded devices, mostly in the non flagship type items like vacuums, gadgets, etc… I’m sure there is some partnerships etc or sourcing of components of some source. Like you can buy parts for the robovac from another robotic vacuum company. Maybe its just IP theft/knockoff though in china, who knows.

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One that comes to mind is the ergonomic mouse, it is similar in design to another brands, when asked about it in the past from a tech site, Anker never responded. That same site also found a slew of other products that were similar and when brought forth we saw they slowly die off and no longer carry them.

I think that what happens is they may see something they can put there brand on and when it becomes apparent they remove their branding to save face. But that was years past and lately I have seen nothing but Anker products or at least products that do not resemble anything else

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