BEEP BEEP BEEP (help me)

So I have an Anker speaker and I LOVE it, I think its really good! It’s not the newest model but its great. BUT o I cannot get over how annoying the beeps are, I understand when its on a high volume or when it needs to be charged or what ever but it just likes to beep all the time, like really loud and quite high pitched as well as annoying lol. It happens all the time when I am on my phone as well as being connected to the speaker, like I will be scrolling through facebook or instagram and it’ll make it when I start to watch a video, or on snapchat when I take a photograph and I do not know how on earth to stop it, I have lowered the volume and it still BEEPS like it is on full blast! I switch it off whenever I am not using it so doing that wont help. I mean I’m no tech person but when I’ve tried everything I can think off and then switching something on and off doesnt work, I havent a clue what to do.

Basically I am asking if anyone else has had this issue and how they got it to stop!?

I THINK, so no guarantees, but… On your mobile phone…

Press vol up or down, and a volume bar should appear.

When it does, click on the top right :arrow_down_small:

A list of volume options opens… You want SYSTEM

either pull it down to ZERO, or just lower it.

Hope that helps.

oops, just realised I didn’t state … To do so on your mobile.

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Welcome to the community, it would be a big help if you could tell us the model of the speaker which is printed in fine print on the bottom and type of phone that you are using there are many possible solutions.

Dear milliee, I sure do understand that you are annoyed by the beeps. You explained the situation very well and with very good wording. It was a joy reading it. I even thought, I am hearing the beeps.

But please tell us in very few words: what model you are talking about ?

Thanks a lot. You will see, there will be many answers which will help you !

I have an iphone so I dont think I can do that. Thank you though :smile:

the type of speaker is no where on my speaker but on my phone is just displayes it as “Anker SoundCore” so I guess that probably does not help. My phone is the Iphone 8

Thank you lol. It just says anker soundcore however i googled it to look for photographs and it said “anker soundcore A3102” so im not sure if that helps but i hope so

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Not sure how to change sound settings on a iPhone, think you may have to go into sound settings to change???..:confused::confused::confused::confused:

From the model number you have provided it looks like your using a SoundCore 2…you say beeps, do you mean whenever you try to playback music etc you get beeps before playback?

If so, try removing the Bluetooth pair record from your device and complete a fresh pairing…I’ve had similar with my Spirit earbuds and other BT devices on occasion and a fresh pairing resolves…

I get beeps all the time, like when I start typing on my phone’s keyboard or when I scroll though the videos on facebook it’ll beep like its on full blast even when its not on full blast.

I have made my phone “forget” the speaker and reconnected to it yet I still hear the beeps

Best to turn off touch sounds. Does your phone normally beep (make a sound) when you do things… Type, tap a link etc

Not sure what settings menu that is on an iPhone.

So now I know who is this guy in the train sitting next to me - with his phone beeping all the time …:wink:

I am a woman but ok