Become a Movie Screener - Sign Up to Test Nebula Prizm

Nebula’s new entry-level projector, [**Prizm**](, is out and we need your help. We’re looking for 5 users to test out the Prizm (for free) and to let us know you think.

Wanna know more about Prizm?

Nebula Prizm

Prizm has a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens and projects a picture 30-100 inches in size. It has a 5W speaker built in. But since it’s not a portable projector there is no built-in battery (gotta keep it plugged in) and no operating system. What it does have are wired connection options that include HDMI and USB ports, so you can mirror your computer or phone screen or plug in a TV box/stick to enjoy your content. All of this entertainment technology is packed into a most affordable $149.99.

How Do I Become a Tester?

Simply share this event on your Facebook and/or Twitter account and attach a screenshot of your post in the comments section of this blog post. You will automatically be entered to test out Prizm. You are more than welcome to share your testing ideas, why you’re interested in Prizm, and anything else in your comment. If you’re selected as a tester, you’ll just have to send us your feedback, and then you can keep your Prizm. If you can’t wait to try out Prizm, we’re also giving away ten 40% discount codes so you can buy one right away (just send a private message to AnkerOfficial for the code). Get in touch quickly because the codes will be given away on a first-come-first-served basis.

Are you ready to see the big picture?


We Love Testing Program Details

  1. How to Enter: Share this event on your Facebook or Twitter account and attach a screenshot of your post in the comments section of this blog post. You will automatically be entered to test our all new Nebula Prizm projector. You are welcome to share with us your expected usage scenarios, testing ideas, and also why you’re interested in Nebula Prizm.

  2. Submission Dates: August 29th - September 7th, 2018

  3. Testers Needed: 5

  4. Eligibility Restrictions: Open to residents in the US only.

  5. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to send us a link to your review within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future We Love Testing programs.

  6. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, community, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.

Winner Announcement | Become a Movie Screener - Sign Up to Test Nebula Prizm

Dear Anker fans,

Thank you for participating in Nebula Prizm testing event. I have read all of your creative and thorough review plans, as well as your expectations for Nebula Prizm, all of which sound really exciting! I can’t wait to see your testing feedback.

Our 5 testers are:


All the winners will receive a confirmation email this week. After you receive the Nebula Prizm, please send @AnkerOfficial a link to your review within two weeks.

Thanks again for everyone’s support of this event. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to offer a free testing sample to everyone, but we do have some exclusive 40% coupons for community members! Just send @AnkerOfficial a private message to get yours (ten total available, valid until September 28th, first-come-first-served).

As always, remember to stay tuned for future We Love Testing and more!


Woke up to this awesome Community event

I would use this projector mostly at home for watching movies and playing games but there is an upcoming Pay-Per-View fight that I am going to be watching with friends and family and this projector would be perfect for projecting onto the side of the house to have a huge 100" screen while barbecuing at night :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it would definitely make me the hit of the party.

I’m interested in this projector because my big screen TV just went out on me last week and I have yet to replace it good thing I’m watching the Pay-Per-View fight at my cousin’s house. Truthfully I am interested in most all of Ankers quality products and giving honest feedback.

I would test the projector by reviewing the following
*Ease of setup; Keystone/Focus ect.
*Picture quality and brightness/color reproduction
*General Aesthetics of the projector
*Testing the audio quality and loudness(although I expect to have to hook it up to larger speakers when watching the fight, there will be a lot of people there)
*Testing the remote if it has one
*Comparing Specs/Price with the competition with other projectors that have similar specs.
*Size and weight comparison, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a projector but the one I had a while back was monstrous and heavy
*And of course I would be taking pictures the whole time to document the testing
*Testing the video playback via screen mirroring and video playback over USB thumb drive
*Connect it to my Soundsync A3341 Bluetooth TX/RX and my Soundcore Flare speakers

I would then share my review with the Anker community of course, Google Plus, Twitter and Amazon.
Basically I would leave no stone unturned when testing this projector​:crossed_fingers::nerd_face::crossed_fingers:

Good luck to all and thank you @AnkerOfficial for another awesome Community testing event.



Since we just moved and I sold my TV before the move we have been watching everything on our computer. This would be great to set up in our living room which is a big 30’ X 30’ great room. It would also allow everyone to watch the same thing at the same time without having to slow our internet down with everyone streaming different things. Our set up would be to install this in the great living room, possible pair it up with the Soundcore Flare speakers so we can not only watch a movie but also immerse ourselves in 360 degree sound


Sign me up! I have yet to be able to get my hands on a Nebula product yet!

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This event is awesome! Here I am sitting at work, getting beat down with non-stop problems all morning. Finally get a moment of time to myself and come to find this. I have been in the market for a projector for some time now, as I have an ample amount of wall space to test/use this with. Ways I would test this would be:

  • Test it out in multiple rooms with varying amounts of lighting changes
  • Test the ease of setup as well as the different types of media hookups (iPhone, Galaxy S7, Dell Latitude using Windows 10 Pro/core i5, Macbook Pro, Galaxy Note, iPad Air 2, Kindle Fire HD, usb thumb drive, Seagate portable HD, and any other phones/computers people bring over)
  • Testing portability and uses outdoors against a screen and flat wall
  • Checking differences in movies/tv shows for sound quality as well as range
  • Looking at the general aesthetics in varying locations (Bedroom/living room/work office/friends homes with different decor/color schemes)
  • Testing different sound devices (2.1ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar with sub, Bose Soundlink portable, Anker Infini Mini)
  • My ultimate test will be for Halloween. Since moving to my house in 2016, I have wanted to be “that house” that everyone wants to go to for trick or treating. I have been able to setup some interesting things the past 2 years, but nothing would make it over the top more than to be able to project images onto my windows in front of the house. I have been researching and pushing the wife to let me get something for this reason, as I want to be able to have it been seen from houses away. I would test the Prizm with a range of projected images and the realism that it would bring!

Lastly, thank you @AnkerOfficial for running these promotions and getting the community involved in everything. You all do an amazing job at letting the community know about everything that is Anker and deserve nothing but the utmost respect.

Halloween hopeful -


Thank you so much, @AnkerOfficial for another great contest on this community for what looks to be an incredible product. (Shocker, right?)

Testing this Prizm would be an absolute treat. i would post reviews, videos on multiple platforms: Twitter, Reddit, Amazon, etc. I would actually start a YouTube channel and post something exciting!

First I would absolutely review the packaging and contents.

Then, I would test different media platforms such as my Roku, Chromecast, XBOX One, Nintendo 64(to HDMI), my essential phone and wife’s iPhone. We would watch movies, play games and mirror our devices. We have a four year old daughter so we would absolutely have to watch Frozen, Wreck it Ralph and others.

This will be tested in many different areas of my home. I really want to set up a sheet either against the house or my gazebo to watch Frozen by the fire pit!! :fire: Some people are worth melting for, @AnkerOfficial !!! :fire: We will also set it up in the afternoon/ early evening for a picnic on my lawn. There it will be my family on a blanket watching something fun together. Wine will be had! :wine_glass: making memories thanks to Prizm!!

Next, I will set it up in living room for football!! This will be perfect for College Football starting this weekend and NFL the following. I will be able to watch two games at once and will be able to test quality, sound and ease of use.

Additionally, I will test in our bedroom, daughters playroom and my office. I will get a great idea on picture quality, ‘portability/movability’, sound and connectivity.

In conclusion, this is an incredible opportunity that I would love to be a part of and share my honest opinion with your customer’s. As with my previous reviews I am honest and enthusiastic.

Best of luck to all.



Good luck to those entering…staring to think I need to relocate to the US :smile:


@ndalby I’ve been thinking that for years :joy:


I’d love to test this projector with my daughter, who is just getting into Disney movies and would be an enthusiastic co-reviewer.

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thanks #nebula


Submitted this on Twitter, screenshot below:


Hope to win this contest :smile:

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I wish to test this for watching romantic movies with my wifey :wink: “damn…there goes all the testing scenarios”

Well kidding aside…I’ll test this for various lightning conditions and using different devices and OS’s. I’ll report about the product packaging, specs, and features. Also the ease of setup, picture and audio quality, button layouts, latency etc will be on top of my test list.


Your welcome to come join U.S. :joy::joy: we could always use a smarty round these parts​:sunglasses:


Good luck for everybody :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


good luck to those that get chosen…been too busy with a flooded house repair lately don’t have time for anything else :frowning:


A Halloween Test sounds really exciting! Guys, bring up more creative ideas! :wink: