Because we are getting such an excluse, small family here :

We should know our first names:
You know me, I am Franz,
I know Paul, Kaitlyn, Ryan, Rob, Neil and Duane.
And the others?

This way there is much more a “Familiar atmosphere!” :smiley:


Hi, my names Paul and I’m a recovering Anker-holic. :rofl:
This Saturday is my 2nd birthday here but I was only active (multiple daily drop-ins) until January 2021.

The regulars know my family, Debd and Charlie as they appear in regular posts in the Weekend Activities thread.

I have multiple Anker products and am a fan of most things tech/gadgety! If it has a blue Led, I want it!


That’s true Paul and we have fun at the weekend activities!
All others not knowing this family thread should visit.

There are no donations :smile:, but fun and the family is getting closer when communicating there. :joy:

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Yes Franz, 100% :+1:t2:

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But that goes against my username…… :crazy_face:

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First thing I thought of reading your name.



My username basically covers it, I didn’t plan ahead much when signing up.

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We share a couple of things in common.

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I am using my Portuguese nickname I got 40 years ago from my friends there :

Easy :
Franz → Portuguese “Francisco”
nickname : normally “Chico”
and the diminutive is “Chiquinho”. :laughing:


Thats great @Unnamed and a very good likeness of me :sunglasses:

What a film @professor
The potty mouthed alien, kind of ticks many boxes :rofl:

They post almost every day on Twitter, I think their direction is toward social media. There was a competition (ended) for a cable.

A name and a beard?

Tim Allen is great.

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He is my younger brother!



Wow @Fuu_bar, you look just like Tim Allen. :rofl:

I did not either. I used the ability to do it by Facebook and thus here I am.

Bet you can’t guess what my name is :stuck_out_tongue: Good topic @Chiquinho :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll remember some of your names, I’m terrible with names. Thank goodness my name is only 3 letters long, otherwise I might forget my own name. LOL. :wink:


I can also add Michigan native to that as well.

My name is Sergey. Of Russian descent, born in East Los Angeles, CA. My parents were Russian but lived in Persia (which is now Iran) in a small Russian Village until they fled to the US (along with other numerous family members) in the 1940’s.