Beast from east

So here in the UK currently we are affected by the so called Beast from east a cold front from Russia not sure if any of the uk members are affected by it?

We are in the East of England and we don’t usually have snow this much but it is beautiful! Looks like I am going to work from home tomorrow :wink:


Got it here in Yorkshire too…not so certain about a beast snow storm though, more like a dusting compared to some when I was a kid (damn gettting old :laughing:)


If there’s more than a farts worth tomorrow morning, I’ll be well surprised!

Bristol is famous for lots of things, snow ain’t one of them! lol

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:joy: We usually will get dumps of over a foot in 24 hours, Haven’t missed a day of work in years. Schools closed once a couple years back though… This is what I drove through a couple weeks ago. The snow pack on the side of the road was over 6 feet high…


The weather is clear here, and ready for a spring outing :grin:


Just a light dusting here in Merthyr. It’s trying to snow but nothing major. We are expecting our big hit Thurs/Fri :thumbsup:

All the snow here is melting, kinda glad I want warmer weather so I can work on my car

We haven’t had it too much here yet, compared to the likes of Kent but meant to get it more later in week.

Only way I’ve been effected so far is by either slipping on ice walking to car or the fact that people completely lose the ability to drive when there’s snow lol

I don’t like the snow,
because I was born in a little village in the alps:
Icecold winters with plenty of snow, indeed.

I remember when I had to go to school in those times,
we had one morning -29C. This was in the early 60’ies.
Not to compare with the low tempertures today! :grin:

Today here in Munich : -11C, and sunshine
That’s really nothing.
So I keep my tile stove fired. ( I have wood stored at the backside of the house. )
And a cup of hot tea, so all is fine!

Sitting inside in front of fire, feet up, cup of tea and looking outside while it’s snowing or lashing down is how I know I’m getting old lol

When I was younger I would’ve been out running about in all weather, with prob just a t shirt or thin jacket on - unless it was during my bomber jacket phase (no Belfast terrorist follow up comments allowed lol)

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Looking like southern UK will get some snow Thu & Fri - we had about 2 or 3 inches over last few days so far. Had to abandon my club run last night due to icy slippery pavements!

@ndalby Good to see a fellow Yorkshireman on the forum!


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More than 10 inches here!


Everyone who is young does that. That is the heat of being young. Besides that it is not so cold so why should you wear more things if then the chance is just higher that you forget something

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Current situation

Think Scotland is meant to get a good rattle tonight

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Certainly picked up this morning in Yorkshire…and is not letting up much outside right now;

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In the archives of social services, is a photo of me playing in the snow, wearing Speedos I was about 10, so would have been winter of 79/80

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View out of the office (coming down worse than the pic looks) - The council advised all the school to shut but made us come to work. Bit unfair isn’t it?
Arrr well. Just wait for the go home and we will pay you until 5 Email :grin: