BE WARNED: PowerCore 26,800 confiscated by airport

Today I flew into - and then after a 11 hour layover, out of Panang International Airport (Malaysia) only to have my PowerCore 26,800 mAh taken from me when going through the security check. The told me that it would not be allowed on the flight and I had to leave it behind. I had only just bought it in November. Sucks!

Just a little warning after I’ve done some research… If you buy this power bank, you most likely will need permission from the airport/airline you are flying with to take it aboard.


Very good you mentioned this!

When I got confiscated an item at Lisbon airport (Portugal).
I gave the fellow who was really in the right, some money and my address.
So he send me the item via mail.

These are Portugues people! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

But you might not hope that all those security fellows are acting
in such a great and friendly way!


I’m sorry you experienced that, generally speaking the largest you can safely carry in a plane is that size batterypack, but because it comes close to the maximum allowed of 100WH… Yours comes in at 99.16wh, it may have been pushing the threshold they were safe with. Alternatively for future reference, you can get approval from the airline for larger battery packs up to 160wh but that is at their discretion and prior approval

When I flew last April, I had my 26800Pd and a handful of smaller packs and had no trouble flying with them. It could just be international regulations or as I mentioned it approached the legal limit for size


Wow, sorry dude, that sucks. I hope that doesn’t happen to me.
I guess they don’t allow that capacity because you could make it into a bomb.

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that really does suck.


Wow, so sorry to hear that happening to you. I would be mad too.

Thanks for the heads up and sucks they took it. Maybe @AnkerOfficial can hook you up with another one lol

I recently flew with a 26800 and a 10000 and had no issues, but this was flying domestically in the US. So sorry this happened to you!