Be Careful Where You Shine That Thing

Nice Deal on the Anker Boulder UV flashlight Rechargeable Blacklight

EDIT: Use coupon ANKERLIGHT for an additional $2 off.

Originally $25.99 on sale for $16.99 (35% OFF!)


We don’t get any reduction in the Bolder range here in the UK.
The UV here is £30.99 ($41.58) :flushed:
Which is probably why no one is buying them here!

Seems like a great flashlight for a great price

This function is very useful for traveler.

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Or you might end up sleeping in your car instead :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s great but at the same time I think ignorance is bliss


Time to find a new hotel! Maybe you’ll get a nice discount…

I agree with that statement… :joy::point_up_2:

Ignorance is also sometimes path to happiness!


wow I really like this uv flashlight i could now see where i could thoroughly clean what i could not see now the most fun thing about this flashlight is using it on glow in the dark toys and I’m really interested in using it in the summer to see if i could find scorpions or for fishing at the abandoned lake down the street from where i live at


Use coupon ANKERLIGHT for an additional $2 off.

Can a mod please add this to the original post??

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Has anyone here experimented with which insects glow? I tried a black light on resident spiders, to no effect whatsoever.

I’ve said this many times to Anker, that there UK prices especially are a lot higher than others like rav n Tao and ruark

Not sayi g that Anker stuff is cheap, but the prices are quite expensive, especially if you do it a dollar exchange rate comparison.

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Updated - thanks!

hahahaha. Good point!

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Hmnnnn - not sure whether I actually want to see

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I don’t want to take a guess at what that stain is…

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I think you’re right @ktkundy
I’ve stayed in some, erm, “budget” places and don’t think i would have liked to have seen what could have been left in the room :nauseated_face:

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US prices exclude tax, UK prices include tax.

What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

The food you taste is chopped up and mixed with spit, and when you actually get into your body is mixed with acid.

Cleanliness is a cause of allergies as your body finds smaller problems to solve when you dont give it big problems to solve.



Like I get wanting to use it and all but I feel like it would narrow down the options of places I could stay😂

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